The Falldien Law Office has provided a full and complete defense for the following criminal law matters:

2. Ensure individuals are not over punished for their faults

- Harassment

​- Utter threats

- Assault

- Drug offences

- Domestic disputes

- Resist arrest

- Mischief

​- Impaired driving

​- Breach of conditions

- Charter applications

​- Constitutional challenges

​- Appeal litigation​

1. Ensure innocent people are not convicted; and

Criminal Lawyer Sudbury

Generally speaking this office no longer opens new files in Criminal law, except in rare circumstances.  Those circumstances would include situations of police brutality, but only if the client had clear evidence of the incident, such as a cell phone video.

Everyone facing criminal charges is entitled to a full and complete defense.  A full and complete defense is a right which is guaranteed by the Canadian Constitution.  There are two main purposes to a full and complete defense: