- Separation agreements

- Matrimonial agreements

​- Mediation

- Interim orders and arrangements

- Divorce

- Custody

- Access

- Support

- Matrimonial property

- Financial disclosure

- Income calculation disputes

- Adoptions

Family Lawyer Sudbury

Whenever possible, Family Law disputes should be resolved through agreements.  A trial is always a last resort for family disputes.  Agreements are preferred because coming to an agreement is crucial for maintaining healthy terms in the future, especially where children are involved.  A family lawyer can assist you in drafting a separation agreement that is fair and balances your best interests.  A family lawyer can also advise you of the rights and options available for your personal situation.   

If reaching an agreement is not possible in your situation, the Falldien Law Office can represent you in court, or guide you through self-representation.

The Falldien Law Office provides the following family law services: