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Trent Falldien was born and raised in Northern Ontario.  He obtained a business degree from Laurentian University in 2005, graduating in the top of his class and a year ahead of schedule.  

​He then gained practical business experience working in the private sector for the next four years in various cities across Canada.  During this time Mr. Falldien gained experience in marketing, operations management, accounting, and project controls.  His employers include WIS International, and Bantrel ECPM.  During this period of four years Mr. Falldien was promoted on two occasions: once from inventory manager to area manager; and once from accounting to project controls.  

In 2009 Trent started law school at the University of Alberta, finishing on the Dean's list in his first year.  After graduating from law school in 2012 he returned to Northern Ontario and completed his articling program at Miller Maki LLP, which for him was a very good experience.  Mr. Falldien was later called to the bar of the Law Society of Ontario in September of 2013.

On October 1, 2013 the Falldien Law Office was established.  Since then Trent has represented hundreds of clients across Northern Ontario for various types of matters.  During Mr. Falldien's career as a litigator he has appeared before the following courts and tribunals:

- Ontario Court of Justice - Family

- OCJ - Criminal

- Superior Court of Justice - Family

- SCJ - Criminal Appeal

- SCJ - Civil

- Small Claims Court

- Criminal Injuries Compensation Board

- Landlord Tenant Board

- Labour Relations Board

- Alberta Provincial Court - Criminal

- Alberta Queen's Bench - Criminal Appeal

- Divisional Court - Judicial Review

- Ontario Court of Appeal - Criminal

- Ontario Court of Appeal - Civil

Mr. Falldien has also filed applications for appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada on two occasions, but was denied. 

Additionally, Trent has represented many business owners in Northern Ontario for various legal transactions, such as corporate restructuring, incorporating businesses, trademarks, and collections.  In 2018 the Falldien Law Office added real estate transactions to the list of services available, and the office is quickly becoming recognized in this area. 

In the long-term, the Falldien Law Office aims to be known most for providing guidance and resources for self-represented litigants to advance their noble causes.  This will be done through presentation videos and summaries which will be available free of charge to the general public.

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