Generally, we charge a 35% commission on the total value collected, plus HST.  There are no fees charged unless funds are collected.  We also offer collection services at an hourly rate of $275.00 per hour.  

*Note:  a consultation meeting is required before the office will open a new collection file.  The initial consultation fee is $300.00 plus HST.​​  Additional expenses may apply for certain collection matters, such as court filing fees, process serving fees, courier expenses, etc.

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Cash-flow is a key success factor for good financial health and well being. If you're not getting paid for money owed to you then consider taking your collection efforts to the next level.

Small business owners in Sudbury have leveraged the collections program of this office to collect over $200,000.00 in unpaid accounts.  Collection services from Falldien Law are handled with a friendly, professional, and proactive approach.

The steps taken to collect your money are: 

1. Open file and send demand letter

2. Attempt negotiating repayment plan

3. Begin lawsuit (if necessary)

4. Obtain Court judgment

5. Enforce judgment (garnishments, writs)