144 Elm Street, # 201

​Sudbury, ON

P3C 1T7

Tel: 705-222-1122

Fax: 705-222-1123



Hourly rate:  $275.00 per hour

Consultation fee:  $300.00 (for approximately 60 minutes)

Collections:  35% commission of total collected.  Click here for further details about our collections program.  

Corporate legal services:  Click here for details about our corporate legal fees.

Family law fees:  Click here for details about our family law fees.

Independent Legal Advice:  $300.00 for real estate ILA certificates. $400.00 for all other ILA certificates.  

Notarize document:  $100.00

Real estate legal services:  Click here for details about our real estate legal fees.  

Wills:  Click here for details about our Wills and estates program.

*HST is not included in any of the fees quoted.

*This office currently accepts legal aid certificates for certain family law matters.  Click here to access the Legal Aid Ontario website.  

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