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Self-representation is becoming more common as the general public becomes more knowledgeable about the practice of law.  "Limited scope" legal services are intended to help self-represented litigants prepare and advance their own litigation by providing access to a lawyer as needed.

There are two main benefits of using limited scope legal services.  First, clients can save money on legal fees and still have access to legal recommendations at the same time.  Second, clients can stay in control of their own case by self-representing, and therefor advance or respond to the litigation as they choose.

The law office in turn benefits from limited scope arrangements by providing more services to more clients with less responsibility.  Limited scope arrangements are the fastest growing service at the Falldien Law Office, now representing nearly 30% of our total caseload. 

The limited scope services available to assist self-represented litigants are:

- Drafting Court papers

- Recommendations about jurisdiction

- Information about deadlines and procedure

- Research and legal opinions

- Discussions about Courtroom conduct

- Explaining options for appeal